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Over ONE MILLION Signatures!!! Now what?

Late last night, the petition in support of H.R. 4170, The Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012, surpassed ONE MILLION SIGNATURES!  This amazing feat could not have been accomplished without the active support and participation of every one of you.  I am absolutely elated, incredibly proud and forever thankful to each and every supporter of this movement for your hard work and dedication to something we all truly believe in.

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to the fastest-growing grassroots effort on Facebook and the web! Since January, 2009, through Facebook, Twitter, and media attention, over 650,000 people have joined this cause to make their voices heard. Our success is entirely due to the active participation of our members. As such, here's a few tips on how best to get involved:

My Tweet Featured on AC360!

 Watch the background, when Anderson Cooper puts the author in question's tweet on the screen.

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My Conversation with a Conservative Friend


I recently had a Facebook conversation with an old friend of mine from back in my misguided Republican days, about a topic of great importance that I raised with him.  Despite my having left the ranks of the Republican party long ago, I still like and respect this friend a great deal and very much enjoy engaging him in discussions about our fundamental differences of political opinion. 

We may not agree on most policy issues, but he is still my friend, certainly not my enemy.  If anything, such conversations serve to sharpen my own rhetorical skills as he tends to keep me on my toes, but always with healthy dose of respect and friendship.The reason I decided to share this particular conversation here is because I believe it uniquely highlights something we should all strive to do: challenge our own assumptions and pre-conceived political beliefs.  Feel free to add your own comments below!


The Ryan Budget Farce


As an initial matter, I have to give Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) credit for being the first one out of the gate, knowing full well that everyone's going to distance themselves from him over time, including - perhaps especially - the Republicans, who are going to have to start courting seniors again after duping them in to voting for them in 2010. There's nothing about Ryan's proposal for anyone, left or right, to like - but at least he started the conversation, something everyone else in Washington has been too cowardly to do, including, by the way, President Obama. And, for the record, to those who accuse me of never giving him any credit (as if my vote in 2000 wasn't enough), that excludes George W. Bush, who suffered the ill effects of daring to touch the 3rd rail of politics as he was spending whatever political capital he had in reserve for the 11 months between his re-election and the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina.


The New American Police State

With each passing day, I recognize my country less and less.  The so-called "patriots" of the ultra-regressive Tea Party movement are pulling this nation closer and closer to true, textbook fascism  -- and it's happening right before our eyes. 

The GOP's Response to Obama's Actions in Libya: A Case Study in Hypocrisy

President Obama's recent decision to participate in air strikes against Libya to enforce a UN-approved no-fly zone, intended to prevent the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people seeking freedom from more than 40 years of oppressive brutality by the Gaddafi regime, has, once again, exposed a vein of hypocrisy

Please Help Me Win a DFA Scholarship to Netroots Nation!

Dear Friends and Supporters:

As you may already be aware, I've applied for a Democracy for America scholarship to attend this year's Netroots Nation Convention in MN this June.  In order to win the scholarship, I must demonstrate a certain level of grassroots support and, to do that, I need to ask you to help me out by clicking on the DFA logo and voting for me:

Your Ignorance is Expected

 When former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a potential contender for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, spoke at length during a radio interview the other day about President Obama's worldview having been shaped by his growing up in Kenya, the inevitable criticism about Huckabee's intentional spreading of a known lie was met with a predictable, tiresome and insulting response: he "misspoke."



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