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The Brian Leher Show (NPR - 93.9 WNYC): OWS And Student Loans


Anya Kamenetz, author of Generation Debt and DIY U, and I were invited to appear this morning on The Brian Leher Show on NPR (93.9 FM- WNYC in New York) to discuss the relative merits or lack thereof behind the ill-conceived campaign to get a million student loan borrowers to pledge to voluntarily default on their student loans. 

A clip of Paul Krugman from earlier in the week was played wherein he expressed his skepticism over whether a mass default is the "right" thing to do and he spoke only of the minor consequences that it would have on the overall economy.  What he did not say, however, despite what some would have you think, is that he believed that participation in such a pledge would "not be such a big deal" to anyone who actually goes through with voluntarily defaulting because, in reality, the consequences would be dire.

Unfortunately, an opportunistic cancer on the movement with only a passing and casual relationship to the truth, was able to weasel her way onto the show by misrepresenting herself as an official representative of the #OccupyStudentDebt campaign pledge to voluntarily default on student loans.

The very first words out of her mouth was a "correction" that she hasn't been promoting the pledge to default - verifiably and demonstrably untrue), adding nothing of value to the conversation, other than a baseless and irrational criticism of the "language of forgiveness" being somehow detrimental to the overall cause for student loan reform.  

What I failed to bring up is that, originally, this movement was called "Cancel Student Loan to Stimulate the Economy" but, because of the input of several people, including most prominently, the aforementioned cancer with whom I've since cut all ties due to her self-centered, unscrupulous, and duplicitous behavior, convinced me that I should change the name from "Cancel" to "Forgive."  Only now that she's been relegated to total irrelevance and complete obscurity does she suddenly have a problem with the word "Forgiveness."  Further proof that she'll say anything to get the attention she so desperately and pathetically craves. 

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December 1, 2011
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What a sad attempt at winning attention. I hope she gets all she deserves.
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Cryn's article

She states "Even worse, if you default on your federal loans, they can garnish your (a) disability checks, (b) paychecks, and (c) even Social Security checks. In a word, student loan debt is destroying the lives of millions of people." yet she continues on to urge a debtors strike?

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Yep - that is correct.  If

Yep - that is correct.  If you can figure out the logic behind that, by all means, please share it with me because, frankly, I cannot wrap my head around it.  She is the Mitt Romney of student loan reform.  She'll say anything, take any position, and throw anyone under the bus if she thinks it'll earn her 30 seconds of air time.  Her opinions are all over the place and completely incoherent because she has no core convictions - merely a desire to leach off of the hard work of others and then piss all over such efforts to try and distinguish herself.  It's truly twisted.