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How Far are You Willing to Go to be Heard by Congress? (Pick the most aggressive form of Protest you'd be Comfortable With).

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I just signed up for the

I just signed up for the 10/10 petition. It'd be a dream come true for millions of americans, who are burdened by the student loans. But i'm still surprised I can't find any settlement stories online.Find The Best White Label Reseller

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YOU ARE NOT A LOAN (Pun intended!)

Thank you Richard,

I suppose the question is: What is the tactic and in what numbers would Congress listen to, especially when the pockets of many of our representative are being lined by the likes of Sallie Mae and others? Let us know what you find out.

Personally I have thought of and would be willing to do all of the actions listed above, sans suicide. I've already committed financial suicide That's enough! As I've been unemployed for over a year, a march on Washington is out of my budget, but a good idea.

My Sallie Mae is in deferment, but I pay on a private student loan with Wells Fargo that allowed only a 3 month unemployment deferment. I pay on that loan and a Visa instead of seeing a doctor or dentist, or having my car serviced. I'm stretched beyond capacity and still the balance continues to grow without restraint. Payments made on my Sallie Mae far exceed the original loan amount, and I've considered calling it quits. As I have a co-signer on the private loan, I'm nailed unto death. I've considered selling my condo to to pay everything off. There would go my "nest egg." It's the poor house either way. "Another country" looks better and better every day.

Can't wait to see your movie. I'm sure Michael Moore and others would be happy to publicly endorse the film, and I foresee an interview with Bill Moyers in your future. Per my subject title, your work here offers all of us "debtors" support, solidarity, possibly public absolution. Perhaps there is light at the end of this intentionally constructed dark and downward spiraling tunnel, designed to trap and ensnare.

There's not one of us or our co-signers holding these loans who stood gazing starry eyed into our future, that said to ourselves, "I'm borrowing this money knowing that I'll forever and a day be saddled with a debt that will grow to twice what I borrow today, and that I will carry this unresolved debt to my grave." Who said, "I happily agree to take out this loan so I will live in guilt and shame for all of my adult life due to my inability to pay." Or, "I'll go ahead and sign on this dotted line knowing that this promise will later prevent me from getting the medical and dental care I need, let alone realizing my dream of purchasing a home, or starting a small business. I understand that this debt may even ward off possible marriage partners. Give me that pen!" I had no idea that taking out this loan would be a ball and chain that I would carry throughout my life. Scrooge has nothing on me! These student loans have become my deal with the devil that I have paid for with my 'good name', without which we are nothing.

I hope you know most of us are more than willing to do what it takes to change this system for ourselves and those innocents behind us. Thank you for reminding us that we are NOT A LOAN.

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I thought the suicide choice

I thought the suicide choice to be humorous and light hearted in a macabre sort of way.

I choose other, because there was no way to choose multiple options.

I'm totally down for rally's, protests, sit ins and more! Especially in the DC area (I'm here on business, but would be willing to take a personal day and change our government for the better!)

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The power of Language

As a student with loans, I particularly appreciate all of your efforts. As for this section, why is suicide listed as an option for the question, "How far would you go?" Is that an option you really want to encourage. It gives me the impression that intelligent discourse wouldn't be enough, that we are not powerful enough to create change. I also think referring to "unibombers" probably triggers any people who might be on the fence about supporting an incredibly valid cause, even with your clarification.

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I included suicide as an option because it's something that's mentioned a lot more often than one would think when discussing student loan debt.  It's certainly not something I encourage - I can't think of a worse reason to kill yourself - but I kept the option there just to see how valid an option people believe it to be.  The number of people who chose that as an option is disturbing, to say the least.  As for referencing the unabomber - I wanted to be clear about what I meant by "going off the grid."

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Hi Robert. I understand your reasoning but I think even by just giving suicide as an option, you are subtly validating it. I'm not saying people don't commit suicide from debt, specifically student debt. Nor would I want that reality to be ignored. I guess I'm just not sure what your intention is in collecting replies, where these statistics will help the cause, etc.

Also, living off the grid has way more positive connotation to me. Woody Harrelson claims to be living off the power grid in the name of environmental health. And lots of people leave mainstream lifestyles in order to live more satisfying lives and create more directly accessible communities locally. Even in a negated context, words like "unibomber" can generate fear and may turn people off when I think you are just trying to list a viable option. The Bay Area and Hawaii are two great examples of that. I'm totally supportive. I just know that language, even in its most benign expression, can be very powerful.

This all may be semantics but, as a newcomer, it was the first experience I had on your website. The door in, so to speak. Hopefully you'll see this feedback as useful in some way.

Thanks for the discussion.

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Requesting meeting with President/or rep with members petition..

Have our members approve a panel of 25 members, with Robert at the forefront, to go to Washington as a representative group respectfully demanding to be heard. Bring a petition which we can all sign via our organizations webb site, and outline our request and agenda, backing it up with empirical data that has been very effectively accumulated through all our membership and Attyn. Applebaum. We can send a registered letter to the President's office, and see if we get a reply, and this avenue is made possible. We can express that we are a strong organization, and prefer to use civil and respectful means of engaging in requesting our agenda and voices be heard. Focus on the fact that President Obama promised he would hear the voices of those who reach out in this country, and we won't be dismissed. Request he acknowledge this by honoring a panel of 25 from our studentloanforgiveness group. We can try this approach. The focus could be that we appreciate the fact he did notice the needs of students in general, however, those who need more immediate relief due to the state of the economy have been overlooked, especially with regards to older loans and private loans. The effect on the economy, as Robert has so eloquently stated, and the ongoing ramifications of this segment of borrowers who have no relief under the current legislation needs to be addressed to improve the economic picture overall. Focusing on the lack of progressive policy in this regard and how there are still individuals without jobs, with unreasonable loan amounts and accrued interest, and how addressing this can help stimulate the economy and help these families/individuals break out of this stagnant state can generate more revenue and move the economy forward may merit their attention-- eventually. This is just a suggestion to our members. If all else fails I would think the March on Washington needs to happen, though letting them know we prefer to do this with a voice that is heard as the President promised --which means real acknowledgement by the President and Congress, face-to-face at the White House, in a civil, respectful manner, with representatives from our group. Would be nice to hear from others, too, and how and why they feel strongly about other approaches to being heard. I personally think this avenue is one of dignity and respect, and should be attempted. It is what we would and had expected from our representatives, and we can be a positive example for change at the same time. I think President Obama knows exactly what is going on and is hearing us, but we are up against lobbyists and powerful factions that seek to snuf out our voices. Perserverance, and a novel approach may be in order, and may be worth a try. We can also send similiar requests at the State level, focusing on peaceful resolutions and the importance that our voices truly be heard. As many of our members have noted, our voices are being appeased, but not truly heard.