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The Huffington Post

Many thanks to John Chattman of the Huffington Post for this article that really started us on the path to a true, grassroots movement!

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February 5, 2009
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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

It is my hope that this debt will someday be forgiven before I'm too old. I graduated from college when I was 52 years old and acquired a $27,000 student loan debt. Since then I didn't make enough on my job to pay it back because I had other escalating bills. Now the loan has escalated fo $40,000 and back in 2006 my job was eliminated, I was let go and had to get deferments on the loan because of unemployment and am still unemployed. Now I'm collecting social security, not working and have a degree that I'll do nothing with but I'm stuck with $40,000 worth of debt. This should be forgiven because of my age if anything else. This is so unfair. I'll probably die before I pay this loan back.