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Rep. Hansen Clarke: Congress is Obsessed with the Wrong Kind of Debt

Our new champion in Congress, Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI) has shown, once again, that he's not just paying lip service to the issue of crippling consumer debt, including overwhelming student loan debt.  He could have made his speech on the House floor last week and then never revist the issue again, but he hasn't.

Congressman Clarke has given interviews explaining why he believes that Congress must immediately address the ever-growing problem of excessive consumer debt, and now he authored this piece in the Huffington Post wherein he astutely notes that "It's time to change the national conversation. While relieving government debt should be a medium and long term priority, addressing consumer debt is a short-term imperative. Let's get to work."

Rep. Clarke has demonstrated that he truly understands what's really crippling the average American - overwhelming personal debt from which there is seemingly no escape.  Be sure to let him know how much you appreciate his giving voice to this issue!

If you're on Facebook, please "like" his fan page.  Also, please join the Facebook Group "Friends of Hansen Clarke."

If you're on Twitter, follow him @RepHansenClarke.

Or, you can contact his Congressional office and express your support for him there.

Finally, please share this article with friends, family and especially your own representatives in CongressMake a personal plea to those who purport to represent your interests in Washington that they should immediately throw their support behind Representative Clarke's efforts today!


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