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US News & World Report: 1 Million People Show Support for Student Loan Forgiveness Act

Our rally and press conference yesterday went off without a hitch!  Thank you to the over 1 MILLION of you who made it possible.  Our voices ARE being heard.

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June 28, 2012
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Forgive high interest rate student loans or shove it

My student loan interest is 8.25%. These younger people yell and scream about their 3-4%. Mine was $60K now it's $123K and growing. Even though I paid the bill, it still accrued $5400 in interest. I also lost $40K in salary money. Now I can't even afford to put money in a 401K even though I'm almost 60.

I write on the side trying to sell books and my screenplay. I work at home part time formating ebooks. Now I'm trying to see if I can legally take hours off my employer's 40 hour week to pay equal to the student loan bill which they won't pay in enough salary to pay the bill but they can hire high school dipolma's and offshore labor for me to have to work with. If they pay for a new student loan then why aren't employer's having to pay for the old student loan that has to train the high school dipolma's? Well it takes a college degree to figure that out.......D.A. Karr,