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Rep. Hansen Clarke Needs Our Help

As I wrote to you the other day, our Champion in Congress, Rep. Hansen Clarke, is embroiled in a primary fight to keep his seat in Congress.  He's currently enjoying a slim lead in a new online poll, however, let's work together to make it a blow-out!  Please click here: and then scroll down (nearly) all the way down to cast your vote.  It'll only take a second of your time and I know that Rep. Clarke will appreciate our efforts!


RT America: Congress Bill Puts College Grads in Lifelong Debt

Great interview with my friend and colleague, Kyle McCarthy, Director of Community Outreach for "Default: The Student Loan Documentary" and Founder of!  Great job, Kyle!

Seeking Potential Interview Subjects - Read On To See If You Meet the Criteria

Seeking potential interview subjects for a national publication looking to speak with borrowers who took out Federal loans in 2008 or thereafter and who is now struggling to repay the loans.  You need not have graduated or earned your degree - you just have to have borrowed in 2008 or after and are now experiencing significant hardship with repayment.  If you meet the criteria and you're willing to share your story, please email me at mail@forgives

Truth-Dig: A Warning to the Next Generation of Student Debtors

Excellent piece highlighting "Default: The Student Loan Documentary."

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PBS/Tavis Smiley: The Congressman Proposing Change

Meet the one man in Congress willing to address the ever-growing crisis of student loan debt.

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Bloomberg: Indentured Students Rise as Loans Corrode College Ticket

Excellent, in-depth article on the decreasing value of a college degree.

Publish Date: 
July 9, 2012


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