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Interesting comments to “Asking for Student Loan Forgiveness” article over at Businesweek

I wasn't expecting to see this blog entry about a more than 2 year old story that appeared in Businessweek about, but I'm glad to see the conversation is not only still going on, but picking up steam!

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UWire - The College Network: Grant Forgiveness for Student Loan Debt

Thanks to our new champion in Congress, Rep. Hansen Clarke, the momentum is building once again!  Make your voices heard!!!

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A Special Message From Rep. Hansen Clarke: Cut, Cap & Forgive Student Loan Debt!

Watch this video!

Rep. Clarke has demonstrated that he truly understands what's really crippling the average American - overwhelming personal debt from which there is seemingly no escape.  Be sure to let him know how much you appreciate his giving voice to this issue!

Rep. Hansen Clarke: Congress is Obsessed with the Wrong Kind of Debt

Our new champion in Congress, Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI) has shown, once again, that he's not just paying lip service to the issue of crippling consumer debt, including overwhelming student loan debt.  He could have made his speech on the House floor last week and then never revist the issue again, but he hasn't.

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Washington Post: ABA faces scrutiny as job prospects, debt levels for law school grads worsen

The legal market is flooded with more lawyers than there are law jobs, but that hasn't stopped ABA-accredited schools from changing their admissions criteria, nor have they bothered to even try to keep tens of thousands of law students out of debts from which they will likely never escape.

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Rep. Hansen Clarke - Our New Champion in Congress

Dear Friends and Supporters:

As I wrote to you the other day, after 2.5 years of hammering away at this issue, the FSLD movement finally has its own champion in Congress: Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI).  For the very first time since putting forth the proposal that sparked this movement, we finally have an ally in Congress who truly gets it.

From cutting up credit cards on the House floor to advocating that Congress should forgive student loan debt as a means of economic stimulus, Representative Clarke has demonstrated that he truly understands what's perpetuating this economic crisis, making him a true Champion for the middle class and the "educated poor."

Forbes: Meet the Filmmakers Who Are Fighting the Student Loan System

Congratulations to my friends, Aurora and Serge, the filmmakers behind Default: The Student Loan Documentary, for this excellent piece in Forbes magazine.  Any and all publicity that shines a light on the ever-growing problem of student loan debt is a good thing, not only for the FSLD movement, but for all student loan debtors in general.

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July 20, 2011

HUGE NEWS on the Student Loan Forgiveness Front

Dear Friends and Supporters:

As you know, for 2 and a half years now, I've been making the argument that forgiving the student loan debt of all Americans would have a MUCH greater economically stimulative effect on the economy and get Americans back to work significantly more quickly than what Congress and the Obama Administration ultimately passed in early 2009. 



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