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Is Higher Education Worth the Financial Gamble?

Many thanks to the author, Doc Compton, founder of Omega Credit Repair and host of "The Best Credit Yet" show on BlogTalkRadio for mentioning in this piece!

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May 13, 2011

Have You Been Denied Enrollment in IBR?

Dear Friends and Supporters:

As you may recall, a new federal program designed to help ease the burden of repaying one's Federal student loans went into effect in July, 2009.  The Income Based Repayment program was passed by Congress to provide relief to student loan borrowers by capping their repayment amounts to up to 10% of the borrower's income, with the remaining amount forgiven after 25 years of repayment.

Please Help me Edit the Wikipedia Article on Student Loans

In my ongoing effort to expand the reach of our message of student loan forgiveness as a means of economic stimulus, I just recently started adding information about this movement to the Wikipedia article on Student Loans. 

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An Ominous Sign of the Times

student loan debt higher education collegeEver wonder why absolutely nobody in Washington seems to be concerned with the state of higher education in America?  When merely seeking an advanced degree routinely puts students in significantly worse economic positions than if they had never gone to school at all, something is fundamentally wrong with the system.  How many more statistics of this kind need to be published before somebody in a position of power speaks up and addresses this ever-worsening problem?

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Submit Your Questions to President Obama about Student Loan Debt!

CBS News is asking people to submit questions about the economy to President Obama which may be used in an upcoming town hall meeting with the President.  Per the suggestion of one of our more active members, Aimee P., we here at ForgiveStudentLoanDebt are encouraging all members to submit a student loan-related question with the hopes that, if enough people submit questions on that topic, the sheer volume of student loan-related questions will simply be too big to ignore.  So, start drafting those questions and submitting them via the link below asap!

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FSLD Video Submission Contest! Win an IPod Shuffle!

That’s right fellow members of the FSLD community! We here at FSLD are holding a Video Submission Contest and you could win an IPOD SHUFFLE.

We want your videos - serious videos. The videos should be from 30-90 seconds long via web cam, personal camera, or professional camera (if you have one). To qualify for the IPOD SHUFFLE there needs to be an absolute minimum of 50 (THAT’S RIGHT! 50) video submissions, 10 coming from each category that you can pick from (see below).

The Truth About School Debt

Getting an education was never meant to be so difficult. Not only does it take a lot of hoop jumping to get accepted into many major universities, but once you’re accepted, you need to fork over an obnoxious amount of money to even finish the application process.

Student Loan Debt Hell: 21 Statistics That Will Make You Think Twice About Going To College

Here's a compilation of statistics that'll make you want to slit your wrists (not that that's my intention!).  Bookmark this one for future reference - lots of highly depressing, yet completely relevant info that you'll no doubt want to use in future discussions about this aspect of the continuing rape and pillaging of the middle class.

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Yahoo! News - Credit Cards: Nuisance or Necessity?

Here's another great article that I believe will be helpful to many in the FSLD community.  It was written by fellow FSLD member, Doc Compton, Founder and President of Omega Credit Repair & Counseling Services, established in 2004, and Host of the "Best Credit Yet" show on BlogTalkRadio.

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Yahoo! News: A Simple Secret to Raise Your Credit Score!

Here's a terrific article by Doc Compton - Founder and President of Omega Credit Repair & Counseling Services, established in 2004 and Host of the "Best Credit Yet" show on BlogTalkRadio.  Doc knows his stuff and I believe the information contained in this article will prove to be extremely helpful to many people in the FSLD movement!

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