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Student Loans: The New Big Bubble

Excellent analysis. . .I've been trying to make this point for over a year.  Hopefully, someone will listen!

Publish Date: 
February 24, 2010

Forethought on Paying off Student Loans

I am currently in the process of being in debt. Well, I am in debt. I just haven't seen the effects of it yet. And paying off that debt has yet to affect my daily expenses. But it does not mean it's far from my mind. The fact that I am knee high in paying off money that I don't have is very frightening to me--But while there is nothing I can do to fast-forward to the future and pay off loans now, is there something else I can do instead of wallowing in my misery?

The Huffington Post - Share Your Story: Majoring in Debt

Make your voices heard!  Put a face on this growing crisis to help make our case to the American people!

Publish Date: 
February 22, 2010

The Wall Sreet Journal - The Ripple Effects of Student Loan Debt

Make sure to comment on this article!  Share your stories - put a face on the struggles of the educated poor. Use this opportunity to educate people who are completely unaware of the problems inherent in the current student loan system.  Make your voices heard!

Publish Date: 
February 18, 2010

Denver Post - "How many lawyers does it take . . ."

"Last year, 89 percent of law students borrowed to finance at least part of their education, and the average student graduating from a private institution in 2008 owed over $87,000. A recent Law School Survey of Student Engagement found that nearly one-third of respondents said they would owe about $120,000.

Publish Date: 
February 14, 2010

The Wall Street Journal - The $555,000 Student Loan Burden

Many thanks to Mary Pilon of the WSJ for shining a light on these harrowing tales of overwhelming student debt.  Thanks, also, to the members of the FSLD community for participating and sharing their stories.

Publish Date: 
February 13, 2010

Be a Hero. Save a Life.

One of my oldest and dearest friend's wife is currently battling leukemia.  They have a 2 year old son who needs both his parents in his life.  As such, they've started a bone marrow donor drive to not only help them win their battle, but to help others win theirs as well. 


By taking just a few minutes of your time, you can literally help save a life.

Please click here to find out how:


The Wall Street Journal - What's a Degree Really Worth?

Misleading figures being repeated as fact to justify the raping of the middle class?  The devil you say!

Publish Date: 
February 2, 2010

Bush Knew About $1 Billion Student Loan Boondoggle, Lender Says

Against President Obama's plan to end subsidies to lenders for Student Loans?  Then READ THIS STORY!

Publish Date: 
January 29, 2010

The Huffington Post

Many thanks to John Chattman of the Huffington Post for this article that really started us on the path to a true, grassroots movement!

Publish Date: 
February 5, 2009


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