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From Fringe to Mainstream in Just 363 Days.

While it may have only been one rhetorical step in the right direction with no immediate consequences for the plight of the educated poor in America, let me be clear: last night's State of the Union Address by President Obama was, in fact, a hugely significant moment in the one year history of the student loan forgiveness movement. 


Common Ground, Common Sense Health Care Reform

With the Democrats' loss of their 60 seat, filibuster-proof super-majority, the Health Care reform measures that have been the focus of so much fighting over the last year are essentially DOA. As a result, Congress either needs to get back to work to come up with something that everyone can support, or we squander this once-in-a-generation opportunity to usher in the changes that so many agree are desperately needed.

Higher Ed Watch

". . .what did the Department’s former political leaders know about the lenders’ scheme to gain windfall profits, when did they know it, and why did they take so long to do anything about it?"

Publish Date: 
January 14, 2010

"Forgive Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy" Has Been Published!!!

I am honored and humbled to announce that the essay I wrote on January 29, 2009, the one that went viral and gave rise to a true grassroots movement that I honestly never saw coming, has been included in the publication "Should the Federal Government Bail Out Private Industry?" 

Recent Changes to

As you may have noticed, we've made a few changes of late here at FSLD.  First and foremost, we've significantly upgraded our message board functionality.  As the site has grown, our members' interests have expanded beyond the subject of just student loan debt into all other types of consumer debt.  As a result, rather than stifling any such conversations as "off topic," we decided to create some new forums for those discussions.   We've also updated the format of the message boards for a sleaker look and more functionality.

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