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Student Loan News

Title Publish Date
Bloomberg: Indentured Students Rise as Loans Corrode College Ticket July 9, 2012
HuffPo: New Survey Finds College Grads Carry Large Debt Into Middle Age May 2, 2012
Business Insider: America's University System is Bankrupting A Generation March 7, 2012
Time: Why the Student Loan Situation is Worse than we Thought. March 7, 2012
ABA Journal: The Law School Bubble: How Long Will It Last if Law Grads Can’t Pay Bills? January 1, 2012
FINALLY! Media making the connection between student loan debt and the housing crisis! December 14, 2011 Earth to Academia: Student Loan Debt Is Mounting - And It's Unethical. October 27, 2011
Rev. Jesse Jackson: We Bail Out Banks, But Not Desperate Students October 24, 2011
Forbes: Meet the Filmmakers Who Are Fighting the Student Loan System July 20, 2011
NYTimes: A New Type of Student Loan, But Still a Risk July 1, 2011
Center for American Progress: Creating Demand and Jobs by Reducing Student Debt Burdens June 29, 2011
New Profile on the Upcoming Film "Default: The Student Loan Documentary" March 15, 2011
The WSJ Makes a Perfect Case for Student Loan Forgiveness March 11, 2011
The Seattle Times: Washington Legislature is Closing Budget Gap with Student Debt March 7, 2011
Great News for ONE Student Loan Borrower March 4, 2011
Co-Signer Relief February 11, 2011
WSJ: Student Loan Default Rates Worsen February 4, 2011
The Motley Fool: The Next Domino to Fall? A Closer Look at the Student Debt Crisis December 29, 2010
Is This Why You Took Out Student Loans? GET ANGRY! November 14, 2010
Top Ramen for Life: The Student Loan Crisis November 10, 2010
Student Loans: Sometimes a Bargain with the Devil November 5, 2010
L.A. Times - How About a Bailout for Student Debtors? October 14, 2009
The Kids Aren't Aright: The Policymaking of Student Loan Debt September, 2010
Wallet Pop - Something For Nothing: How Volunteering Can Help Pay Off Student Loans August 25, 2010
The Atlanta Post: Will Student Loan Debt be the Next Bubble to Burst? August 17, 2010